Whats Included

Leave the details to us!


Providing us a date, pick-up address and your time availability will allow us to take care of everything.  First class transportation to and from trailhead, custom fitted bicycle, pedals, Giro helmets and a take-home custom Pearl Izumi jersey, Camelbak/bottles, pre, during & post-ride nutrition, and of course your post-ride athletic massage.


Bring your shoes and bike shorts and we’ll handle the rest!



I am…

I generally in good shape and don’t mind physical activity that isn’t too demanding. I would enjoy riding on vacation however it is not my everyday activity.


I’m capable of…

I can handle small slopes but prefer the path to be mainly flat. I don’t mind asking for help when my body has had enough.


I am okay with climbing…

750 ft

Small climbs, flat ground and short distances are perfect for me.

I can handle a ride of…

15 miles

on average, up to 35 miles on a long day.



I am…

I enjoy cycling on a regular basis – whether for fitness, commute, or as a hobby. I like to keep active on a day to day basis but I do not mind a physical challenge every so often.

I’m capable of…

I’m great with windy roads and some bigger hills to keep me working hard. I feel accomplished when I reach the top but downhill rides are not my preference.

I am okay with climbing…

2,000 ft

Deep inclines but short mountains – rest breaks every so often.

I can handle a ride of…

30 miles

on average, up to 50 miles on a long day.



I am…

My life is focused around fitness. I love to ride my bike every week and enjoy rides that are around 2 hours long or longer at a strong consistent pace. I love challenges that get my heart pumping.

I’m capable of…

I enjoy moderate mountain passes with hills and many different kinds of terrain. Not to mention the rush of a speedy downhill ride.


I am okay with climbing…

3500 ft

I love hills and mountains and everything else that comes with it.

I can handle a ride of…

45 miles

on average, up to 70 miles on a long day.



I am…

I ride my bike as much as I possibly can for long extended periods of time. I love to train and consistently push myself to the max to improve my physical well-being.

I’m capable of…

I enjoy all forms of terrains, small and large hills, and windy mountain passes. Steep and windy downhill rides are enjoyable.


I am okay with climbing…

5000 ft

There is no hill I cannot conquer.


I can handle a ride of…

60 miles

on average, up to 110 miles on a long day.


Want to take your riding to the next level no matter which level you’re at?


Our coaching allows beginning riders shortcuts to riding more comfortably and avid riders to cut minutes off of their race paces without wasting months of improper, ineffective training.


The proper bike fit is a critical step in gaining comfort and efficiency in your riding as well as long-term cycling health and wellness.


Whether you would like coaching while on the bike or via email – we can get you on the right road and keep you headed in the right direction.  We hold ourselves accountable for your fitness goals.

Packing List

San Diego boasts some of the very best, most temperate weather in the US.  However, there are times that more gear is necessary to be comfortable for the entire ride.  7-days and 3-days prior the weather forecast will be emailed to you to allow you to plan as accordingly as possible.


-Bike Shorts
– Identification

(for restaurant alcohol purchases)

-Arm & knee warmers*


*Typically not necessary outside of mountain rides December-February.

Bikes & Gear

High-end road and mountain bikes by Trek and BMC are tailor fitted to your personal dimensions to ensure a proper fit and ride.  Top of the line pedals and helmets may be expected to ensure a successful ride.

Ready To Ride?