Q: How do I book?

A: Proceed to “Book Now” at top of page and follow directions to input your personal information.


Q:  When can I go?

A:  We work when you don’t have to.  There is a calendar of open dates you will find during the process of booking but we are relatively open 365 days/year.  The further out you book the better for availability.


Q:  Can I bring a friend?

A:  Of course!  Make a memory with family or a friend.  There are handsome price breaks for the more people who ride.


Q:  Will I be riding with strangers?

A:  Whether you are alone or with a number of friends your tour will be completely exclusive, designed entirely around you and your group’s ability level and desired level of adventure.


Q:  Will I get hurt?

A:  Each ride will inherently present a level of risk.  We always prefer to walk a section beyond our comfort level and live to ride again tomorrow and would ask that you do the same.


Q:  Do I have to be really good to ride with XCX?

A:  We love to show the beautiful rides in SoCal to anyone and will design each ride to accommodate each riders’ ability level.  There are great trails for everyone!


Q:  Where do you ride?

A:  The greater San Diego area and Orange County

Q: Do I need to bring my bike?

A: No.  The bike will be fitted and tuned prior to your ride and supplied day of for you.


Q: Will my cell phone work?

A: Mountain rides have sporadic and undependable cellular service.


Q: What do I need to bring?

A: If you have cycling shoes and cycling shorts bring them.  The rest will be supplied for you including an Eliel custom sublimated Executive Cycling Excursions jersey for you to take home with you.  See “Packing List” page for extended list in case of ‘extreme weather’ (well…as extreme as SoCal gets).


Q: Where do I need to meet you?

A: XCX will pick you up wherever you request morning of the ride and drop you back at your desired location after.  If you’re at the hotel in the morning but need to be at the airport that evening we will accommodate you.


Q:  How will I navigate the trails?

A:  An experienced XCX guide will be with you at all times and will have the predesigned and predetermined route so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.


Q:  What kind of a bike will I get?

A:  We have hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes as well as carbon roadbikes to ensure a hassle-free ride with no mechanical issues.  Based on your preference you may ride whichever you wish.


Q:  I’m local – Can I still go??

A:  Heck yeah – come find a hidden jewel that just may become your new favorite ride.

Ready To Ride?