Luxury Day Trip Cycling Service 

Individually Tailored & Always Private

Why XCX? 

In San Diego on business? Tired of riding the same trails over and over? Have a free day but just don’t want the hassle of researching bike shops, car rentals, bike racks then wasting time driving back roads looking for hidden trailheads and getting yourself lost in the wilderness??


Our team handles every last detail of your excursion prior to your arrival so you can sit back and enjoy what you want to do – ride!


We believe in creating a truly tailored experience with the perfect blend of breath-taking excitement and beauty with the most eloquent touch of luxury and indulgence no matter what your ability level may be at this time.

"Think of bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world."

− Grant Petersen

"A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke."

− Scott Stoll

Suited For You

We custom design each and every excursion to offer a both challenging and comfortable environment for our clients. There is a spectacular ride here for every level client and we pride ourselves on creating the perfect ride each and every time.


We’re more than your trail guide here at XCX.


We offer luxury day-trip cycling services based out of San Diego.  We handle every last detail of your excursion.  High-end transportation with mimosas and Starbucks on the way to the trailhead, custom Executive Cycling Excursions jersey to cabana-style post-ride massage and tailored recovery nutrients.


We provide a truly executive experience unlike no other.


This is your day off.


Tell us how we can make it unforgettable.  From local restaurants and breweries to an extra scenic viewpoint we cater to your every wish.  Worry about nothing—your every need is premeditated. Experience the best trails and road routes in America any day of the year without the hassle of planning anything but the day that works with your schedule.


We love San Diego and want to show you the very best of it.


Every booking is private, each individually designed, supported and guided.  Enjoy luxury transportation, premium, tailored bikes and individualized coaching, and of course, your post-ride massage!


Our experienced team arrives your hotel and whisks you away for a day in the mountains away from it all or along the Pacific Ocean to roll with the waves.


Let us take you away!

Ready To Ride?